PC sales to take a dive in 2009

July 15, 2009 | 15:00

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The tech sector isn't out of the woods yet with the somewhat depressing news that computer sales are due to drop to their lowest levels in eight years.

Research outfit iSuppli – quoted in an article posted over on Electronista – has stated that earlier predictions of a slight growth in the market were incorrect, and are correcting their estimations to a four percent drop in year-on-year sales.

This marks the biggest single drop in system shipments since 2001, which saw a 5.1 percent dip year-on-year – but could prove worse for the industry, as it comes on the back of an already poor year and with lowered price-per-unit on those few shipments companies were able to make.

iSuppli's principle analyst Matthew Wilkins believes that the poor economy is only partly to blame, with a move away from big-box desktop systems towards netbooks and notebooks – which, freed from the constant upgrade cycle of gaming desktops, tend to be kept around longer than their deskbound cousins – which sees desktop system shipments dropping a massive 18.1 percent while notebook sales rise 11.7 percent year-on-year.

This swing in shipments makes the first year since iSuppli started watching the market that notebook sales – which include sales of tablet PCs and netbooks – have overtaken sales of desktop systems, with the prediction being that by year end notebooks will account for a not-inconsiderable 54 percent of all computers shipped in 2009.

The news isn't all bad for desktop manufacturers, however: the company is predicting a better year ahead, with overall shipments in 2010 predicted to grow 4.7 percent.

Have you been considering ditching your desktop for a nice svelte notebook, or does the lack of upgradability plus built-in obsolescence turn you off? Has the economic slowdown put your upgrade plans on hiatus this year? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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