Porn will decide the console wars

Written by Wil Harris

May 3, 2006 | 10:43

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We found a couple of interesting stories floating around the net this morning, and the logical conclusion of the two is kind of interesting.

The first story is that Macworld is of the opinion that the next-generation DVD battle will be decided by the porn industry. Citing early adopters as a powerful group, and early adopters mostly being guys, the power of women to lure guys to spend money shouldn't be underestimated. Digital Playground, a leading creator of adult material, has announced that it's going to run with Blu-Ray, suggesting that PS3 is going to be a massive pull for consumers to adopt that format.

Meanwhile, industry mogul Steve Hirsch, of Vivid Video, is planning to release new content on HD-DVD, but hasn't ruled out getting content out on Blu-Ray too.

The amusing second story is that BusinessWeek is suggesting that the next-gen DVD battle could decide the console wars. With PS3 using Blu-Ray and Xbox 360 using HD-DVD, the winner of the two could have a real advantage with consumers.

So doesn't this mean that, if porn decides the format wars and the format wars decide the console wars, porn decides the console wars?

I'm sure Bill Gates and Ken Kuturagi are investigating their options as we speak. Could we see Sony Pictures making a substantial investment in, shall we say, alternative content?

Let us know your thoughts on both set of wars over in the forums.
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