RIP: Majel Roddenberry passes away

Written by Joe Martin

December 22, 2008 | 11:06

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Majel Roddenberry, widow to the late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, has tragically passed away after complications resulting from pneumonia at the age of 76.

Majel was an integral part of the Star Trek fiction ever since it was first conceived. Not only did she take the role of the first officer in the original Star Trek pilot, a part that would later be played by Leonard Nimoy as Spock, but she was also the official voice of the Starfleet computers in every single one of the Star Trek TV series and movies. Every time you heard the computer, that was her.

A regular cast member of other Star Trek series, Majel played the mother of The Next Generation's councillor Deanna Troi, as well as having occasional roles in Deep Space Nine.

After Gene Roddenberry's death in 1991, Majel continued to work in the science fiction genre and served as executive producer on both Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda.

Majel Roddenberry will be reprising her role as the voice of the computer in JJ Abrams new Star Trek film starring Simon Pegg and Gabriel Grey.

Majel will be sorely missed by both friends and family, as well as a world full of Star Trek fans and anybody who's ever set their GPS to mimic the sound of the Starfleet computers. Rest in peace, Majel.

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