Cyberpunk shooter Ruiner blasts onto scene in new trailer

Written by Jake Tucker

April 21, 2016 | 17:28

Tags: #action #cyberpunk #shooter #top-down-shooter

Companies: #devolver #devolver-digital

Shamefully, I’d never heard of Ruiner until today. It’s a top-down shooter in a cyberpunk city while a leather-jacket clad protagonist shoots a variety of cyberpunk cliches. This game is about cyberpunk. Yes.

Ruiner has the honour of being Devolver Digital’s latest announcement, with Polish outfit Reikon Games releasing the game in 2016. Devolver’s output is up and down, but one thing their entire stable has in place is that it’s always interesting. No matter what you think about their games there’s always a key feature that looks neat.

To celebrate the union of Devolver and Reikon, there’s a trailer. It’s wicked-cool and shows a lot of interesting ideas like shields, slowing time, dashing about the place and even the classic slide and dodge.

No telling on what to expect from the game at this stage, beyond this cool trailer, but Reikon is formed of guys who’ve previously worked on titles like The Witcher 2 and Dying Light, so they’ve got form.

Ruiner is coming to Mac, Linux and even Windows later this year. See the trailer below to get hype.

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