Segway enthusiast group disbands

Written by Phil Cogar

August 10, 2007 | 10:06

Tags: #segway

Citing inactivity and an absence of candidates for its board of directors, the Segway Enthusiast Group of America has decided to disband at the end of the month.

The group's treasurer, Frad Kaplan, said that the group was unable to grow because Segway Inc. would not provide a list of email addresses of people who had purchased the scooter.

"We had a list that was essentially three years old," he said.

Segway spokeswoman Carla Vallone insisted that the group's disbanding is not an indicator of falling Segway sales stating that there has been a 50 percent annual growth in sales since the 2002 launch of the scooter.

This only comes as another blow to the expensive self-balancing scooter after many cities had enacted bans on allowing them to travel on city side walks last year.

Were any of you out there a member of the Segway Enthusiast Group of America? Do we have any members who own or have ridden one? Tell us what you think about the Segway over in the forums or in the comments below.
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