'Sex in Shanghai' blog sparks international angst

Written by Brett Thomas

August 31, 2006 | 15:38

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An English-language blog has sparked some very deep-seeded rage in Shanghai, China, as a British teacher describes the many sexual encounters he's had with Shanghai women. Of course, it always pays to never believe all that you read, as the blog turned out to be a hoax. That hasn't seemed to calm tensions yet, though.

The blog, entitled "Sex in Shanghai," is written from the perspective of a Briton (who calls himself Chinabounder) teaching uni in the famous Chinese city. The writings go into rather explicit detail about how he interacted with the local women, some of whom were depicted as his students. Along with the graphic content were rather boorish jokes about Chinese men (and why he was getting all of their women) and the Chinese government.

All of this talk about loose Shanghai women has ruffled the feathers of Zhang Jiehai, a psychology professor at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. In his own online blog, he has sworn to find the "immoral foreign scoundrel," and "make him apologize for what he writes and quit the job of teaching." His cries for vengeance have not gone unheard - Zhang's own website is receiving incredible attention, and now even the Chinese media are involved in the hunt.

Threats of violence against the "foreign filth" are already circulating, with some posters on Zhang's blog going so far as to say that Chinabounder should be decapitated along with all the girls he slept with, who assumedly have disgraced China. In order to protect westerners who are in Shanghai from what is becoming a quickly escalating situation, the group has pulled down the blog.

Of course, like so many great controversial things, this blog was largely made up. As Nick Farrell of the Inquirer writes, the blog was written "by a British man, an Australian woman, two Chinese men and a Japanese woman who for some reason have never walked into a pub." Somehow, I am willing to bet that the pub joke would be considerably less controversial.

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