Sins of a Solar Empire expansion detailed

Written by Joe Martin

August 26, 2009 | 13:55

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Stardock has announced that cult strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire will be getting a major expansion in the near future, dubbed Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy.

Unveiled on the official Stardock Impulse blog, the Diplomacy pack is set for release in Q1 2010, which means next January or February is likely when you can expect to see the game made available on Impulse.

The Diplomacy pack will focus very much expanding diplomatic options obviously, allowing players to negotiate peacefully in their quest to conquer the galaxy, extorting bribes and payments out of enemies.

There's still no word on price yet, but it's expected that the expansion will be similar to the previous Entrenchment add-on and sell for a reasonable £6.50 / $10. Either way, a beta is planned for this Autumn.

We rather liked the original Sins of a Solar Empire when it came out early last year, especially for the lack of DRM that was attached to the game and the way that Stardock embraced the hardcore PC audience. You can check out our Sins of a Solar Empire review or our interview with Ironclad co-founder Craig Fraser for more info about the game.

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