Sony buys Ghostbusters game from Atari

Written by Joe Martin

May 6, 2009 | 10:51

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Sony Computer Entertainment has today announced that it has bought the upcoming Ghostbusters game from Atari, just one month before the game is set for release.

The game, which is scheduled to hit shelves on June 19th, will coincide with initial filming on a third film that is also being made by Sony. Sony, obviously eager to capitalise on the popularity of the franchise, has apparently decided to make the previously multi-platform game a PlayStation exclusive.

Ghostbusters: The Game will now ship as a PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 exclusive when it is released in June, with the exclusivity lasting for several months, after which a PlayStation Portable version will be released, according to

It's unclear what will happen to the remaining versions of the game, most notably the Xbox 360 release, but early reports indicate that Atari will retain the rights to publish the game on that platform at some point.

The move to Sony means that the Ghostbusters game has shifted publisher three times over the course of development, having first been dropped by Vivendi after the Activision-Blizzard merger last summer. Atari picked the title up quickly in an effort to make some quick cash after having been hit hard by the recession.

Early previews of the upcoming Ghostbusters game have had a favourable response from critics, especially with the addition of co-operative gameplay, so it seems all we can do now is hope Sony doesn't do too much to alter the development of the game.

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