Sony tries really hard to annoy with new DRM

Written by Wil Harris

June 17, 2005 | 20:53

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Oh bloody hell, here we go again.

Hands up if you think Sony should just get with the programme and stop their fruitless and, frankly, pathetic efforts to DRM their content?

Remember the CDs-that-weren't-even-worthy-of-the-CD-logo, like the Star Wars: Episode 2 soundtrack?

Well, now Sony is trying again to stop people ripping off its content. Except, it isn't, really.

As reported on Ars, Sony's latest ruse is to limit the number of CD copies you can make in Windows Media Player to just 3 copies. But feel free to rip it using anything that isn't Windows or Media Player and stick it on any P2P app you want, apparently.

Er, what?

"This technology is a speed bump. It's trying to dissuade the average consumer from making as many copies as they like," said [DRM creator]First4Internet Chief Executive Mathew Gilliat-Smith. "You're not going to stop tracks getting on P2P sites," he added. "It's designed to stop casual piracy ... It's not saying you'll stop people from doing it, but it makes people stop and think."

Oh please - yet another example of copy protection that does nothing to dissuade commercial pirates, yet gets on the nerves of the buying public.

When Sony are charging real money for this rubbish, who wouldn't just go and P2P the whole album, minus the DRM?

The full Ars news post is well worth reading for a little bit more background. As for me... iTunes all the way, baby.

And with iTunes blaring out some Lemon Jelly, it's 9PM Blighty Time and we're off out for a pint.

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