Sony Trumps The Video iPod

Written by Tim Smalley

October 13, 2005 | 14:30

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Bit-Tech reader Alastair Dodd writes:

"Sony has just announced its new service called LocationFree, in an obvious attempt to take some thunder away from Apple.

Their new TV broadcast idea seems to be quite impressive, but that is not all. It also works on their very tasty Play Station Portable, which means it is a damn sight more flexible than Apple's video iPod.

The technology is quite simple, you have a base station connected to your home network along with any AV sources you'd like to add. It'll broadcast motion pictures to a portable flatscreen via a wireless network connection, or over your home network to your PSP or Personal Computer.

Why pay $1.99 for one show when you have all your video content on the move for you via WiFi hotspots? The system does have its downside unfortunately - with a thousand dollar pricetag for the base station. If you really want your TV on the move, this is certainly a better version than the tiny screen and quality offered by iTunes."

Technologically it's a great idea, the flexibility is also a good thing, and you've only got a one-off cost for the base unit. Unfortunately, we can't help but think that the price really needs to come down before it is viable competition for the video iPod. I guess you have to decide how many TV shows you plan on buying from iTunes in the time it'd take you to save up for the base unit.

What do you think? Great technology but too expensive, or are you one of those people who just buys gadgets and then worries about the price when you get your credit card bill? Let us know.
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