Apple launches 1GB iPod Nano

Written by Wil Harris

February 7, 2006 | 16:06

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In a move that sees the iPod Shuffle shunted down by a few bucks, Apple has introduced a 1GB iPod Nano today.

The new 1GB Nano comes in at £109 / $149, compared to £139 for the 2GB and £179 for the 4GB. It features exactly the same functionality as the other Nanos, just less capacity. If you're lucky/unlucky enough to be in education, you can now pick up a Nano for just 99 English pounds. Temping huh?

The 1GB Shuffle, which lacks a display and the trademark clickwheel, now costs just £69 for the 1GB model or £49 for the 512MB model.

This is possibly the shortest news story ever, but what else is there to say? You already know all there is to know about the Nano, we'd guess. Is 1GB a decent capacity? Well, it's certainly enough to take to the gym for a workout, and it's more than enough for a few hours of podcast content.

Will you be picking one up now they're even cheaper? Or would you die without a 60GB jukebox? Let us know your thoughts over in the forum.
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