51 GPU Folding@home setup is a beast

Written by Harry Butler

August 14, 2008 | 11:14

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Yesterday we reported that Nvidia had publicly released support for PhysX and other CUDA applications for its 8,9 and GTX 2xx series of graphics cards. It seems that this has certainly caught the attention of Folding@home teams, with the parallel processing power of a high end GPU seemingly far ahead of quad core processor or even PS3 based Folding.

It really shouldn't have come as a surprise to see someone take this new technology and run with it, which is exactly what forum member nitteo has done over at overclock.net.

With forty six seperate 8 series Nvidia GPUs, mostly 8800GTs and 8800GS' running in a variety of quad, tri and standard SLI set-ups nitteo has created an epic folding farm and he's not done yet, with an eventual target of 51 GPUs!

Even at its current state, the folding farm is able to produce an incredible 265,200 points per day - impressive when you consider that the whole bit-tech folding@home team have only crunched through 5,999,851 points since the team was created in 2003! In less than a month he's going to overtake us!

Folding@home is certainly a worthier cause to lend all that hardware too than trying to run Crysis (although we still doubt that farm could run it at 2560x1600 at very high, but that's beside the point) and it's certainly a noble contribution to pay for all the electricity required to power all that hardware - we don't want to think how much all the juice required to power this setup would cost.

If you fancy lending your 8,9 or GTX 2xx series Nvidia graphics card to the Folding@home cause, why not join the bit-tech team?

Do you think Folding@home is a good use of computer hardware? Or is it just a big waste of electricity and hardware? Will you bother running Folding@home with fuel and electricity costs continuing to rise? Let us know in the forums.
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