512MB cards are waiting in the wings

Written by Wil Harris

May 2, 2005 | 20:27

Tags: #512mb #geforce #radeon

Companies: #ati #gainward #nvidia

It looks like 512MB cards are going to be de rigeur for 2005, with manufacturers lining up to implement enormous quantities of RAM right across the board.

The Inquirer is reporting that ATI is readying the 512MB X850 for launch. The card was, of course, 'technology demoed' back at the Texas Gaming Festival in March, where it was overclocked to the moon and back by Fugger, Macci et al. Expect it to start shipping in some kind of quantities next month.

Meanwhile, XFX tell us that they have had a large shipment of 512MB 6800Ultras land in the UK ready to be put on shelves immediately. IT could mean that the 512MB version is more easily available than the 256MB!

Beyond3D are also reporting that Gainward plans to introduce 512MB to not only the 6800 Ultra, but the GT and the 6200 AGP too!

Frankly, we think that a 512MB 6200 is little short of ridiculous, but perhaps there's a market here somewhere. The only trouble will be product differentiation: a 512MB 6200 is sure to cost more than a 6600, but will quite probably perform worse.
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