AMD/ATI merger gets governmental approval

Written by Brett Thomas

September 7, 2006 | 21:56

Tags: #merger

Companies: #amd #ati

Anyone who was holding his or her breath that the government might stop the merger of AMD and ATI can now give up. It's official - the new company is not seen as a threat to the corporate landscape in any of the three countries that it has business operations in.

AMD is a company that is headquartered in the United States, and so required approval from the Federal Trade Commission to proceed with its acquisition. It also owns a fabrication plant and European center in Germany, which required the German Federal Cartel Office to get involved. Since the company is buying out a Canadian firm, the Canadian Competition Bureau had to sign off on it as well.

This is the final legal hurdle that the companies had to get through before the takeover plan could be put into place. Now, all that is required is approval from ATI's shareholders, who are to vote on October 13th. It is expected that this will be met with widespread approval.

In the short term, it is still expected that this will do little for the industry landscape, except perhaps the shuffling of some suits and a game of musical chairs as AMD examines how to best assimilate the Canadian graphics designer. ATI will still (despite persistent rumours) produce its promised chipset to Intel, and remain fabless.

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