AMD indeed goes 65nm

Written by Brett Thomas

December 5, 2006 | 15:29

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Ever since the release of Intel's Core2 lineup, rumours have been flying about how AMD would counter it. Clearly, 4x4 is aimed straight at the heart of Kentsfield, though many reports state it may have missed. So, the big focus has been on how quickly Big Green can get its wonderful X2 line of processors down in die size to win the price/performance ratio.

Well, it's finally happened. In a press release this morning, AMD has confirmed that it is indeed releasing its new 65nm X2 processors before the end of the year. How soon, you ask? You can purchase them right now!

The move to 65nm is a big step forward for AMD, which has been behind Intel in die size since the Presler core (late Pentium 4). Presler was the first 65nm process, and was released right at the end of 2005. Of course, Presler really failed to show off what 65nm could do, as it was neither cool-running nor low-power. The entire Core 2 line is also 65nm, though, and seems to have fixed many of those mistakes.

Despite Core 2's power, AMD's new X2 lineup could be a new standard on the price/performance ratio if history is anything to go by. Though the chips are not going to take the performance crown from Conroe, they have already been released as low power consumption - the move to 65nm should only help to further that. We'll let you know as soon as we get a couple of our own tests done, of course.

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