It's Official - Apple WILL use Intel CPUs

Written by Jason Cundall

June 6, 2005 | 19:16

Tags: #wwdc

Companies: #apple #intel

Well, the rumours are true - Steve has announced a move to Intel chips, as he addresses the WWDC in San Fransisco. He's still talking as I type, and he shares the stage with the CEO of Intel.

It seems as if most of the rumours are true, with Intel based Mac's appearing next year, and that for the past 5 years OSX has been co-developed on Intel and PPC CPUs - but from the gist of the speech there will be a period of overlap, as 'there are many great PPC based products' still to be released.

There's a log of the main points over at MacRumours, and you can discuss what you think of the worst kept secret of the past two weeks here.
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