Apple launches iPod red for AIDS awareness

Written by Wil Harris

October 13, 2006 | 15:12

Tags: #africa #bono #ipod #launches #red

Companies: #apple

Apple has joined a number of other high-profile companies in launching a red version of its flagship product to support the battle against AIDS in Africa. is an initiative that has many tech makers donating profits to help the poorest in the world. Motorola already has a red L7 phone, whilst American Express has a red credit card.

Apple is now joining in, with a red iPod 4GB iPod nano on sale for $199, the same price as the other nanos - only with $10 of the purchase price going straight to JoinRed.

The launch of the player is being promoted by Oprah and Bono, which is not exactly hip, but is high profile.

The new iPod should be available immediately - so why not do your bit for the world's karma and pick up one of these natty little devices?

Let us know your thoughts on the red iPod over in the forums.
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