BenQ demos Blu-Ray writer

Written by Wil Harris

July 5, 2006 | 12:21

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We went to see the chaps at BenQ yesterday and they were demoing the BW1000, the company's first Blu-Ray writable PC drive.

The drive will sell for £599 over here at the end of August. It has a SATA interface, and burns Blu-Ray media at 2x and double layer media at 1x.

BenQ has come up with some proprietary technology that increases the reliability of the drive and writing. SolidBurn technology incorporates a laser that dynamically adjusts its power according to minute variations on the optical media. The drive is also able to tilt the angle of the laser to ensure that the laser hits the precise grooves and pits of the disc at exactly the right angle, making for more reliable reads and writes.

The drive ships initially without support for AACS, the content protection system, but the it will be firmware upgradeable to support it.

BenQ also showed off their EW1000G, the same drive packaged up in an external USB housing.

We watched some demos of 1080p content running on Blu-Ray, although no actual discs. We did, however, watch a new version of Nero burn straight to Blu-Ray in a pretty quick time, then play back without a hitch. So at least we now know that BR burning works!

A couple of pictures from our meeting with BenQ are below. Let us know your thoughts on Blu-Ray PC drives over in the forums.

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