Coming Soon - Biometric DVD Players?

Written by Jason Cundall

May 19, 2005 | 13:42

Tags: #biometric #dvd #rfid

Uh oh - this sounds bad. A bunch of researchers have been looking into preventing DVD piracy by combining biometric information (captured at point of sale) onto RFID markers on the DVD itself. This from Wired:

Here's how the system might work:

At the store, someone buying a new DVD would have to provide a password or some kind of biometric data, like a fingerprint or iris scan, which would be added to the DVDs RFID tag.

Then, when the DVD was popped into a specially equipped DVD player, the viewer would be required to re-enter his or her password or fingerprint. The system would require consumers to buy new DVD players with RFID readers.

More here

I really can't see this flying, to be honest - I can't see the general public wanting to ditch their existing players so they can play new 'locked' DVDs. Not to mention the the whole air of distrust surrounding RFID tags. It's an interesting idea - albeit a bad one - but one that won't get much further out of the labs in my humble opinion.

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