DFI LanParty Conroe board is on hold

Written by Brett Thomas

September 13, 2006 | 00:03

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For everyone who's been watching the Conroe chips clock like the wind but has been waiting to jump in until the leader of overclocking motherboards makes its debut, you'll be waiting a little longer. DFI has apparently
cancelled its LanParty UT nF590SLI-T2R/G boards, putting that Core 2 Duo overclocking goodness out of consumer hands for a little while longer.

The board was first previewed over at VR-Zone, which turned a few heads and generated a lot of excitement for DFI's entry into the market. Unfortunately, the boards just have not lived up to the company's high standard of quality for overclocking due to the nForce 590 chip - apparently the C19 generation just didn't cut the mustard. Despite DFI going to great lengths to improve the design of the board (especially power regulation), the nF590 Intel version just doesn't want to clock up for Conroe.

If you were waiting for it, though, you needn't despair. The company is already hard at work on its next layout, which features the revised C55 version of the nF590 northbridge - hopefully this will meet better results. The rumour is that we can expect DFI's offering within 2 to 3 months, as it's been pushed into Q4 2006 (from Q1 2007) to cover for the current cancellation.

Though it's disappointing to have the board cancelled so close to launch, it is a good feeling to hear that DFI cares that much about its reputation - the overclockability simply was not going to be compromised. Are you saddened by the news, or thankful they pulled a product rather than release a less than stellar one? Let us know your thoughts in our forums.
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