Dell puts 802.11n in laptops

Written by Glen Chivers

July 18, 2006 | 15:49

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When the IEEE 802.11n wireless protocol draft was completed earlier this year there was excitement for faster wireless speeds. Many are hoping to see typical speeds of around 250Mbps, but there are various reports of the maximum speed, with some saying 270Mbps and others 540Mbps.

Dell is the first to provide a notebook with inbuilt 802.11n wireless with backwards compatibility for a, b and g wireless networks. Now, consumers will be able to have an 802.11n card inside their XPS or Inspiron laptops.

Currently there is are number of 802.11n wireless cards and routers available on the market. Whilst the speed boost may seem appealing, it seems that there is something of a downside - the protocol has to be operated without any other legacy wireless networks around otherwise a massive drop in speed, or even cut-offs, will occur.

We suspect that this protocol will only be useful for more rural locations where there are likely to be less legacy wireless networks.

Will you be making the transition to 802.11n or waiting until the teething problems are sorted? Let us know over in the forums.
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