HDTV over terrestrial coming to the UK soon

Written by Glen Chivers

June 9, 2006 | 08:43

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HDTV on Sky and NTL cable was released recently in time for the World Cup, and obviously you will have to pay a decent chunk of your wages to pay for the box and monthly subscription. For those still awaiting HD love, don't fret - there is good news for those not so lucky to have Sky.

The BBC is soon to begin testing HDTV over digital terrestrial (with early reports suggesting that the Crystal Palace rig is enabled right now). This means you will need a Freeview box, but since the UK will be going digital over the coming years forcing people to buy a Freeview box it is the least of the their worries. ITV, Channel 4 and FIVE are to follow if the trial is successful.

Currently the main problem is that HDTV requires more bandwidth than standard definition TV and HTDV on all the main channels will only be possible by using some of the frequencies still in use by analogue terrestrial. Once analogue terrestrial is turned off by the UK government in the next few years, it will then be possible to show more channels in high definition.

The BBC has calculated that once analogue terrestrial is turned off in 2012 there will be enough bandwidth to carry 6 high definition channels, enough for the five main channels plus one.

Exciting news to catch up with Europe and the US or is 6 years too long to wait? Let us know in the forums!
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