IBM announces new AMD servers

Written by Brett Thomas

August 1, 2006 | 15:48

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It looks like Intel's stranglehold over the server market is continuing to deplete at rapid rates. Later today, IBM will reveal the specs of five new servers using AMD Opteron chips, rather than higher-end Xeon processors. Though this is not the first time IBM has offered AMD chips, this will be the first lineup that is not solely for universities and research centers.

IBM is offering the Opteron-loaded servers for businesses needing enterprise-level power on a budget. The Opteron chips have been the performance per dollar winners for quite some time, but no major server manufacturers have been willing to give AMD a chance in their lineup until recently.

The news comes shortly after Dell also agreed to use Opterons in some of its servers, ending a 22-year exclusive relationship with Intel.

IBM is one of the world's leading server producers, with 28% of the market. Hopefully, the new offerings will allow AMD to get some traction in the server sector until they can get some power back in the desktop sector again, as it will be a little while before they can rival the powerful Intel Conroe processor in price/performance ratios.

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