Japan bans Intel for two months

Written by Jason Cundall

May 9, 2005 | 14:36

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Intel has had it's wrists slapped by the Japanese government for offering rebates to local system builders if they only ordered Intel silicon - effectively ensuring that competitors couldn't get a look in. Due to this, the Powers That Be have handed down a two race... Sorry two month ban. elReg has this:

According to a Japan Today report from 20 April, the Kinki (!)Regional Development Bureau, part of Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, knocked Intel Japan off its list of bidders for IT procurement contracts.

The punitive ban lasts for two months, and comes after the Japanese Fair Trade Commission told Intel to stop providing local computer makers with rebates in return for only ordering Intel processors.

More here

Intel have never denied doing what they've done, but they maintain that it was all above board and legal. Are they in the right? or is the Kinki Development Bureau right to give them a spanking? You can have your say here.
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