Microsoft wants robots to run Windows

Written by Glen Chivers

June 21, 2006 | 08:41

Tags: #os #robotics #windows

Companies: #lego #microsoft

Whilst we might not have thought of Microsoft ever going into the robotics industry, there are reports that Microsoft making the push for robotic involvement in Windows.

It appears that Microsoft wishes to standardise the operating system on which build-your-own robots operate.

One of the partners for Microsoft is LEGO and its Mindstorms NX which is to be based on Microsoft Robotics Studio. Starting with toys, Microsoft may one day move onto something a little more mature. For its environment:

"Developers can also simulate robotic applications using realistic 3-D models; Microsoft has licensed the PhysX engine from AGEIA, a pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics, enabling real-world physics simulations with robot models".

Could this be part of Gates' plans to have Windows as the OS to operate machinery and gadgets in smart homes, which he mentioned in his book "The Road Ahead"? If all goes well it could be the next stage of consumer technological advancements by the Redmond giant, after giving the push for home PCs back in the 90's.

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