Next Gen DVD Peace Talks Favours Blu-Ray?

Written by Jason Cundall

May 11, 2005 | 12:20

Tags: #hd-dvd

Companies: #blu-ray #sony #toshiba is reporting that sources close to the next generation DVD 'peace talks' say that a unified format based on Sony's Blu-Ray format, rather than Toshiba's rival HD-DVD is being discussed:

Sony and Toshiba, heading rival groups, have waged a three-year war to have their new technology standards adopted by the industry and gain pole position in the multibillion-dollar markets for DVD players, PC drives and optical discs.

But the companies said last month they were in talks to develop a common standard, in a move to avoid VHS/Betamax-like dual formats that could discourage consumers from shifting to advanced discs and stifle the industry's growth.

Sony's Blu-ray technology is backed by a group including Dell, Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Matsushita Electric, maker of Panasonic products.

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Toshiba has issued a statement off the back of these leaks saying nothing has been agreed. Not suprising really, as throwing away 3 years and several million yen worth of development is a bitter pill to swallow. But someone's going to have to take their medicine, as a format war wouldn't just be bad for us consumers.

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