NVIDIA snaps nForce 680i SLI

Written by Wil Harris

October 16, 2006 | 15:32

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NVIDIA has sent out the first snaps of nForce 680i SLI, the Conroe-compatible new motherboard chipset.

As with nForce 5, NVIDIA has created a 'reference' design for the chipset which will be implemented by board partners. The board has two x16 slots for SLI, and one x8 slot for a physics accelerator it is thought the company will launch before the year is out.

It's a passively cooled chipset with plenty of room for a chunky cooler to sit on top of the Core 2 Duo chip.


"We thought you might appreciate a sneak peek of our next generation NVIDIA nForce platform for current and upcoming Intel processors - the nForce 680i SLI - that will be the foundation for the definitive gaming platform. NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI-based motherboards will be available in November from leading motherboard partners.

This specific board shown will be brought to market by several partners, including EVGA and others."

Scour the web for interesting nForce 680i titbits and be sure to let us know what you find over in the forums.

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