Nvidia updates its Vista issue list

Written by Brett Thomas

February 27, 2007 | 09:39

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Nvidia's Vista drivers debacle has been getting quite a bit of press lately, and nobody knows it more than the company's driver team. Therefore, in an pretty unprecedented move of public disclosure, the company has published some news on where its drivers are falling short.

That's right - those of us with Vista driver problems can go onto the website and see what the techs have identified as problems and what's going to be fixed. Though it's usual for a company to laud its successes, it's not very common to see a team saying "here is where we see problems." Hopefully, we'll see these issues and more rectified with the next beta release, which is expected very soon.

The issues have been generated from bug reports given by users through Nvidia's Vista Quality Assurance page, which will always contain a link to the most recent of these releases. If you are having bug problems with any Windows Vista driver, Nvidia encourages you to report the bug - the company knows the drivers are problematic, but it doesn't know what to fix if nobody brings it to attention.

The bugs are sorted for urgency partially by the number of complaints, so if you have an issue you want to see fixed, make sure to report it.

Have you got a thought on Nvidia's move to clean up its driver problems? Do you think this is a step in the right direction? Let us know in our forums.
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