NVIDIA's G80 will be a little late...

Written by Brett Thomas

September 13, 2006 | 15:40

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Nalu's ears must be burning, because the Inquirer is talking about her - or NVIDIA's upcoming new G80 GPU, at least. Rumour is, the new chip will be a little later than expected - it had to go back to the Fab for a respin.

Initially the Inquirer got word that the chip was said to be running around the time of Computex - the G80 looked like it would be right on time for a launch shortly before the holiday season. Unfortunately, NVIDIA is just getting the wafers back now, after having to do some type of undisclosed overhaul - this puts everyone behind, as board manufacturers won't even have the chips for a little while. The release is now looking to be closer to the middle or even end of the holiday season; and judging by the release and sales of the 7900 series, one could probably expect very short stock until after the season.

It's no surprise that the whole thing has been rather undisclosed - the bulk of the G80's features have been this way since its announcement. One thing that has leaked through the iron curtain is power requirements - It is being tossed about that the card will require its own power supply. Seriously.

While CPU manufacturers keep pushing for lower and lower wattage, apparently the G80 will pick up the slack and then some. This must all be part of the next generation, because it sounds like ATI's R600 will also be a juice-guzzling behemoth...let's hope that not all next-gen cards end up needing this type of power, or small-form-factor might just have to go by the wayside for enthusiasts. Some of this is blamed on the new Vista/Aero Glass power requirements, though the jury is still out on that.

So, that's all the news that is news about the G80 (or lack thereof). Hopefully, this will be the only real delay in getting the card to market. Have you got a thought on it? Let us know in our forums.
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