NVIDIA's first 80nm GPU coming soon

Written by Brett Thomas

August 21, 2006 | 18:32

Tags: #g73 #hdcp #hdmi

Companies: #nvidia

Rumour has it that NVIDIA is getting ready to bring out its first GPU made on the 80nm process. The GPU comes in two flavours, the G73-N-B1 and the G73-H-B1, and is aimed squarely at the mainstream market, where the current G73 (7600 series) chip lives.

There is no technical difference between the G73-N-B1 and the current G73 aside from the move from 90nm to 80nm. The process switch will likely make the GPUs a little cheaper and reduce their thermal capacity, though, much like the shift that the 7900 made over the 7800. The card will be passively cooled, which is nice for silence buffs everywhere.

The big change will come in the G73-H-B1, which will now feature HDCP compliance and HDMI out. This will be one of the first cards to market to have the feature, and having it on the G73 will mean it should be priced very reasonably.

Of course, there is one catch to that. At the moment, the G73-B1 looks to be targeted towards OEM manufacturers, and has no specific retail release information. There is no information as to whether NVIDIA plans to release the card to the consumer market at all, but if so it would likely be under the "7650" family name.

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