OCZ IPO confirmed

Written by Wil Harris

June 13, 2006 | 11:13

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OCZ will float on the AIM stock exchange on 21 June, according to its latest international news release.

The company has already raised almost £5 million from corporate investors, and Joe Public will be allowed to get in on the action on the 21st, up to a maximum of £27 million.

OCZ is going to use the cash to develop its products and its facilities around the world. It hopes to grow to put up more competition against Corsair Memory, its larger enthusiast-memory rival.

“OCZ has built an extremely highly regarded brand and has a successful track record of growth in multiple channels and markets, and is recognized as an industry leader in a number of growing segments” commented Ryan Petersen, CEO OCZ Technology. "Our listing on AIM will raise our international profile and provide us with a significant capital infusion with less cost than associated with a US based listing. We will use the proceeds to augment our rapid rate of expansion in key regions, expand availability of OCZ products in new channels, and bring additional value to consumers through the continued introduction of innovative new products and solutions while maintaining the premium service level associated with the OCZ brand.”

Which is marketing speak for 'expect more products from us in more parts of the world as well as some cool new stuff'. Sounds good to us.

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