OCZ goes for more than memory in 07

Written by Wil Harris

January 9, 2007 | 03:53

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OCZ is making a big play to move out of just being a memory company in 2007, and we got the first glimpses of that today at CES.

Obviously, memory has always been OCZ's calling card, and today we saw some PC10000 memory that the company is shipping. Whilst yields are low, this is clearly super-fast stuff.

Also on show was the watercooling system for the RAM blocks - a hybrid copper and aluminium design. It looks the business, and is something truly innovative in the memory market, which is not something we can say very often.

To go with the watercooled memory, OCZ is releasing a CPU block and all-in-one kit which should allow people to set up decent WC systems at a reasonable price. The waterblock has an interesting 'spotty' design, which aluminium being threaded into the copper to improve some of the cooling properties.

Gaming mice are two a penny these days, but OCZ is hoping that this one is better designed than most. It has a scroll wheel that illuminates in a bunch of different colours, just in case you can't find it in a low-light environment! It comes in a couple of different sizes, designed for palm-mousers and finger-mousers.

We haven't seen much in the way of off the shelf vapour cooling solutions recently, but OCZ is heading back into this market with a new version of its product. It has a rather nice aluminium housing, designed to match Cooler Master and Lian-Li alu cases. Will we see a return of vapour cooling in 2007?

Last, but by no means least, we see this beast - a 2kW external power supply that runs through to a breakout box that slots in where you PSU usually would. This is designed for professional applications, and is fully modular. Absolutely bonkers, and we don't even want to ask what the price is.

Does an external power unit appeal to you? Let us know what you reckon over in the forums.

OCZ's new gaming mice and watercooled memory.

CPU watercooling!

Vapour cooling!

2Kw PSU!

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