Written by Wil Harris

November 29, 2006 | 11:12

Tags: #conversion #doom

Companies: #olpc #one-laptop-per-child

As hardcore PC gamers, we're all aware of the awesomeness of first person shooters. As hardcore computer geeks, we're also all aware of the awesomeness of getting Doom on any device that can possibly execute some semblance of x86 code.

We've seen Doom on the iPod, iRiver, Nintendo DS, PSP, Pocket PC, Symbian mobiles and the Xbox - thanks to the fact that the source code for the game is easily available and, by today's standards, fairly simplistic.

Well, this legacy has not been lost on those working on the OLPC team. Having just received their first shipments of the $200 computers, the engineers don't worry about saving the world's problems as quickly as possible - they take some time out to port Doom to the Sugar OS and stick the videos on YouTube.

Then, they play the game with both full-on colour and monochrome modes to illustrate the, er, versatility of the device.

With Brazil and Argentina due to get the devices very soon, how long is it likely to be before we see these hit eBay? We certainly wouldn't mind a few here at BitHQ to play with.

Go check out the videos then let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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