PCI-E PhysX coming

Written by Wil Harris

October 3, 2006 | 09:07

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Companies: #ageia

AGEIA will announce and ship a PCI Express version of its PhysX PPU on October 12.

That's according to Reg Hardware, who have had a quick chat with the chaps there. Although the PCI-E version of the PPU won't actually improve performance, it will make it easier to buy and install for customers who have motherboards with inaccessible PCI slots.

We've seen quite a few systems and motherboards that will cover up PCI slots when dual-slot graphics cards are in use, so the availability of a PCI-E version should give more options to upgraders.

Expect to see cards from BFG and Asus. In the meantime, AGEIA is working to get more companies on board with its technology, and is releasing a Vista version of its SDK, as well as a new 'RealityMark' benchmark designed to show off the power of the PPU. The company also recently joined the FutureMark benchmark programme.

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