Pressure on for Apple's DRM

Written by Glen Chivers

June 19, 2006 | 13:45

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The pressure is on for Apple. After last week's report that several European countries arestanding up to Apple in a bid to force the iPod giant to provide its DRM to other firms (hence allowing music downloaded from iTunes to work on other MP3 players), there are now protests across the nation by the public to push Apple.

Recently a demonstration group, the Free Software Foundation, campaigned against the iPod with a "defective by design" campaign, attempting to draw attention to the limitations of where music downloaded through iTunes can be used. Although the campaign is to all companies using DRM (such as Napster, which uses Windows Media), it seems Apple is the main target due to its dominance in the market.

More news is expected on the 21st June, the deadline Norway has set for Apple to "revise its policies" with regards to DRM or face fines. We can expect more campaigns in the following weeks, as free music lobbyists up the pressure.

Who will grab Victory, Apple or the campaigners? Should it be allowed to DRM its songs as it wants? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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