Roll up! Roll up! Roll up... Your monitor?

Written by Ryan Garside

September 22, 2006 | 17:44

Tags: #cambridge-university #display #laptop #morph #roll #up

Scientists at Cambridge university are furiously working on creating a roll up monitor to help make laptops even more portable. The team has made an A5-sized flat display that can fit in a pocket or a briefcase and will be able to perform the functions of a traditional monitor.

Some of you may have heard of e-Paper, what many consider to be the future of portable display technology. However, one of the major obstacles is maintaining the original strength of the product, obviously you don't want your £300 e-Paper tearing in half in your bag.

The clever people at Cambridge University are using what they claim to be "shape shifting" technology. Allowing them to morph normally solid materials into new shapes without causing damage. Dr Seffen explains the project over at the BBC:

"Flexible electronics is a burgeoning area, people are looking into making very thin flexible displays that could be used for electronic newspapers, or other portable electronic media like a roll-up laptop or compact mobile phone."

The implications for such a technology are massive. Not least of all to paper, this technology could really eliminate the need for traditional style newspapers, hopefully stopping people cutting down the trees and making life a little bit more green.

Would you like a roll up display? Let us know in the forums what you would use this new material for.
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