Socket 754 outlives 939

Written by Glen Chivers

June 26, 2006 | 13:51

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Socket 754 is to outlive Socket 939 according to recent roadmaps, with the (formerly 'budget') socket still being available for a few months after Socket 939 is phased out sometime next year, as it makes way for mass adoption of AM2.

All but one S939 processor will cease production on December 31st 2006. The remaining S939 processor will be the Athlon 64 X2 4800+, which is due to be phased out by mid-2007.

As for Socket 754, the AMD Sempron 2600+, 3100+ and 3300+ will be killed off by the end of the month with the rest in the series to be killed by the end of next year.

Socket 754 came to the market in late 2003, whilst Socket 939 came about in mid-2004, so it looks as if S754 will reign a year longer than S939 due to the Sempron series still running on S754. With so many AMD processors coming to an end we should have a nice batch of new processors being made on AM2 and beyond.

On that note, AMD is also due to cease production of five of its AM2 processors with 2x1MB L2 cache, only to replace them with a 2x512KB cache.

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