Toshiba announces HD-DVD recorder and PVR

Written by Glen Chivers

June 23, 2006 | 06:46

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HD-DVD has already been out for a couple months, but already a HD-DVD recorder has been announced from Toshiba.

This comes just shortly after declaring a hybrid HD-DVD/Blu-ray player was in the works with a joint venture from Samsung.

Named the RD-A1, the recorder boasts 1000GB (1TB) of HDD storage space, enough for about 130 hours of high definition recording. This can then be burned onto HD-DVD discs which will hold up to 115 minutes per side.

The recorder won't be cheap, however, costing around $3500/£2000. It will only be sold in Japan initially, but of course we will see it distributed to Europe and the US within time.

5.25" recorders for home computers shouldn't be too long now, with Pioneer and BenQ both planning recordable drives before the end of the year.

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