Woodcrest ships this week

Written by Brett Thomas

June 27, 2006 | 16:20

Tags: #conroe #core #opteron #release #woodcrest

Companies: #amd #intel

In an attempt to stay on top of a slowly shifting server market, Intel has announced the release of its new dual core Xeon line today, codenamed Woodcrest. The chips will start shipping later this week to Intel's biggest customers.

The new Xeon 5100 is rumoured to be a 130% speed boost over the performance of the old Xeon chips, while only using 60% of the power. Of course, one cannot believe the rumours alone, but the release means we'll finally get a chance to see if they come true.

Intel has been concerned with its server market in particular lately, as they have not had a good answer to AMD's dual core chips. Though AMD takes up less than 25% of the overall market, that number has been steadily climbing and shows no signs of stopping.

Will the new Xeon help reaffirm Intel's dominance in the market, or is it too little, too late with the upcoming releases from both sides? Drop a line in our forums to tell us what you think.
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