AMD and GlobalFoundries renegotiate 32nm deal

Written by Paul Goodhead

April 5, 2011 | 15:23

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AMD and GlobalFoundries have renegotiated a silicon supply deal, which will see AMD switching to a per-die payment method for any chips produced on GlobalFoundries' new 32nm manufacturing process.

The revised agreement replaces the previous per-wafer payment deal that AMD's had since it span off its manufacturing wing to create Global Foundries.

In a press statement, AMD said that from now on its 'price for 32nm products will be based on good die,' implying that AMD was previously seeing a few too many duff dies per 32nm wafer for its liking, and therefore only wanted to pay for working chips.

As an added incentive, AMD has also pledged to play a quarterly sum to GlobalFoundries next year, on the condition that the chip fabricator meets 'specified conditions related to continued availability of 32nm capacity' at the beginning of the year.

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