AMD: David Kirk is full of it

August 4, 2008 | 09:11

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We met with AMD/ATI Friday afternoon to get together and have a chat about an upcoming product launch. A product you're all no doubt all aware is coming yet I'm not allowed to specifically mention anymore, but regardless, AMD is super pumped up about this one that's for sure.

A sufficiently inflated Ian McNaughton, Head of Product and Platform Marketing for EMEAI sat down with us and told us straight what he thought about the recent comments made in an interview bit-tech recently published with Nvidia's Chief Scientist.

"David Kirk is full of **it", said Ian, pointing at my notebook, "You can write that one down".

Between Ian and Jon Carvill, Senior Manager, Public Relations for AMD EMEAI, we were told we'd be receiving a special bit-tech branded "soon to be released" GPU product for us to take to Nvision to give to Nvidia. Both were no doubt keen to make Dr. Kirk take back his words after the following comment

“AMD has been declining because it hasn’t built a competitive graphics architecture for almost two years now—ever since the AMD/ATI merger. "

Although we must protest if we're expected to put said product into his pipe for smoking - San Francisco doesn't tolerate that kind of behaviour.

Nvidia has a $200 million GPU problem and is frustrating its partners with the handling of the GeForce GTX 280/260 price cuts. On top of that, Nvidia's nForce chipsets are still causing headaches for the Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers. Now this "soon to be released" graphics product from the ATI should be very competitive and may tip the boat quite heavily against the Green Giant.

What will Nvidia have to say in a few weeks at the Nvision event in Santa Clara? We can't wait to find out, so don't go anywhere because we'll give you front row seats!

Is Ian right? Should we offer Dr. Kirk a strong dose of laxatives to ease his congestion? Or are they just big words from an overstretched pair of giants? (AMD and ATI, not Ian and John). Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Addendum 4th August 2008: AMD contacted bit-tech to state that while the sentiment is correct, the way in which it was conveyed was not exactly how it intended. In an official statement, AMD has told bit-tech that:

"We refute David Kirk's comments and think that his opinion is wrong".

AMD have agreed to conduct an in-depth interview at a later date with bit-tech to voice its opposition to Dr. Kirks claims and explain how exactly it intends its future to shape out.
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