AMD Barcelona launch delayed?

Written by Tim Smalley

May 18, 2007 | 10:41

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According to a report, which cites Taiwanese server manufacturers, AMD's launch schedule for its upcoming Barcelona server processors may be delayed.

AMD told the sources, cited by Digitimes, that Barcelona will be pushed back from the original June launch timeframe to August or September.

However, the sources also noted that the date is not yet set in stone, stating that current Barcelona samples are not final versions and that bugs are still being discovered.

Officially, the chip manufacturer hasn't given a specific day or month for Barcelona's launch, only saying that it'll launch sometime in the middle of this year. The only comment that AMD offered to Digitimes was that the launch will still fit into that timeframe.

If the delay turns out to be true, we hope that it won't impact the desktop processor launch, which is currently scheduled for Q3 this year.

We all know that AMD really needs a mindshare boost in the market, especially with Intel continually hitting its roadmap with every processor launch. We're not expecting that to change any time soon, either.

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