AMD CPUs still in short supply

Written by Tim Smalley

November 24, 2006 | 16:06

Tags: #allocation #cpu #demand #makers #motherboard #processors #shortage #supply

Companies: #amd #dell

A Chinese language newspaper has cited distributors and motherboard manufacturers, saying that the supply of AMD's processors is still tight, but should begin to ease towards the end of the month.

Earlier this month, we reported that AMD had officially confirmed its supply troubles, but company officials gave no indication as to when the shortages would end.

It would seem that the shortages that many distributors have complained about for some time may start to ease as December approaches. There is, however, no indication as to when the supply issues will come to an end.

Many have attributed the shortages to Dell's high allocation demands, since the builder hasn't seen any significant issues with AMD CPUs on the supply front. However, AMD representatives have attributed the problem to the increase in demand for its processors from both system builders and OEMs.
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