AMD cuts prices again

Written by Brett Thomas

July 9, 2007 | 14:27

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The AMD and Intel price battle has been raging on for nearly two years now, accelerated further by the sweeping cuts made by Intel that are coming due. The limbo-like dance seemed to be hitting an all-time low, with the ability to buy an AMD X2 6000+ for a mere $229. Well, it just got better - try $169.

News started coming from the green camp on Friday to signal the impending cuts, but not many people really believed they would be quite this drastic. The entire processor line from top to bottom has seen cuts of between 25 and 30 percent. One can now acquire a 4000+ (by no means a slow processor) for a mere $69 USD!

This huge price drop is liable to ruffle a few feathers in the Intel camp, as it makes the concept of splurging on that new Core 2 pretty hard to do unless you are truly looking for absolute performance right now. With AMD's Barcelona performance still effectively under wraps after last week's benchmarking incident, the incredibly low price could be a great reason to switch to the AM2 platform while preserving a great upgrade path.

The final tally of prices for the X2 line is below:

ModelFormer PricingJuly 9 Pricing

This brings a whole new meaning to the term "Cheap as chips." But is it enough to keep you going green until Barcelona? Drop your thoughts in our community discussion.
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