AMD shows off Barcelona, R600

Written by Tim Smalley

May 10, 2007 | 17:44

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At an event in California, AMD has demonstrated its upcoming Barcelona processors in two different systems kitted out with the company's soon-to-be-released graphics cards based on its R600 GPU.

The first system featured a single quad-core CPU, while the second paired two Agena FX quad-core chips together in a 4x4 configuration. Both systems were paired with DDR2-1066 memory and a single R600 graphics card, but unfortunately details of the CPU clocks were not disclosed by AMD.

Rumours have suggested that AMD's native quad-core chips may come clocked as high as 2.9GHz, but that is nothing more than rumour at this moment in time.

We suspect that final clock speeds will not be released until the chips are officially launched in the next few months.

The chip firm demonstrated its new eight-core 4x4 configuration encoding a 720p video in almost-real-time with all eight cores maxed out, according to TG Daily. However, the company declined to comment on which video file formats were being used during the demonstration.

AMD also showed off a fully functional 45nm wafer for the first time at the event. The wafer, which is codenamed Typhoon, features 45nm dies that combine SRAM and logic. AMD's CTO, Phil Hester, told TGDaily that AMD expects to start shipping 45nm processors by the middle of 2008.

It's fair to say that AMD has been going through a tough patch over the past few months, but things appear to be a little more rosy going forwards. Can't wait for Barcelona? Join us in the forums.
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