AMD to use new naming scheme on CPUs

June 15, 2007 | 16:24

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Do you remember when AMD reintroduced the PR rating back when it launched the Athlon XP (Thoroughbred "A") range? Or perhaps you've been around a bit longer and can remember the initial introduction back on Socket 7?

Well with the impending release of the Phenom processor and revamp to its whole line up in the next month or so, AMD will kit its new processors with a new naming scheme consisting of two letters and four numbers, according to to Leslie Sobon, Director of Product and Brand Management at AMD.

The breakdown of the new code is as follows:
  • First letter = Product Target Market: G = Premium, B = Intermediate, L = Value;

  • Second Letter = Power Consumption: P = greater than 65W, S = around 65W, and E = less than 65W;

  • First Digit = Product Family: 1xxx = Sempron or single cored Athlon, 2xxx = dual core Athlon, 6xxx = dual core Phenom, 7xxx = quad core Phenom;

  • Second Digit = Core Frequency: The specifics are as yet undisclosed;

  • Last two Digits = Future upgrade functions and specific differentiations
Since 32/64-bit coherence is now the norm for both Intel and AMD's ranges, and it's been quite a while since socket A Athlons were discontinued, AMD has decided to drop the 64 nomenclature entirely favouring just a simple "Athlon X2" instead.

The whole change over will take place over the next six months and we're already wondering what the new logo will look like, because the 64-bitness has been a massive part of AMD's marketing for at least three years.

Do you think the new new naming scheme is more informative and will help with future processor decisions? Or do you just think it's more complicated for the sake of it and AMD will try to use it to make Bees sound like Gees? What is "around 65W" -- hand wavy science? Let us know your thoughts in the forums!
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