Antec reveals P190 case

Written by Joe Martin

May 15, 2007 | 13:43

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Antec has today announced a new case, the P190, which is based around the same design principles it followed for the outstanding P182 we recently reviewed.

The P190's design was fuelled by the company's new dual power supply system called the 1200 Watt Neo-link, which combines a 650W and a 550W PSU together. The new power system is aimed at supplying multiple graphics cards and multi-core CPUs with enough power.

The P190 also incorporates some truly brilliant cooling measures. With a 200mm 'Big Boy' fan, Antec's largest fan yet, in the side as well as two top-mounted 140mm fans and a rear mounted 120mm as well the case should be the only thing on the planet cooler than we are, whilst still being smaller than our egos.

The Antec P190 will be use air filters and dual-layer side panels to deaden the sound of the fans and the system inside. If it holds up half as well as the P182 did in our testing, then it'll be another case to be very proud of.

Another improvement over the Antec P180 line is the relocation of the motherboard tray which has been shifted to reduce cable clutter, and there is also support for externally mounted water cooling.

Cautious readers need not worry though as there is a sample on the way to the bit-tech offices for a full workout. We'll be sure to give it some thorough testing.

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