Apple ships a million Nanos in 17 days

Written by Wil Harris

October 12, 2005 | 12:24

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Apple shipped a million Nanos in the 17 days between the launch of the new player and the delivery of the fruity firm's annual financials.

Apple reported the best year in its history, shipping 1.3 million Macs (a little over half were notebooks) and making $430m profit.

However, despite the monumental success of the Nano - Apple execs said they didn't believe problems with scratching or screens were widespread - it actually shipped less iPods than the market expected, causing a small slide in the share price.

This from the Register:

"In fact iPod sales fell short of investors' expectations, and Apple shares fell 10 per cent in after-market trading.

The results show that Apple's computer side is becoming less and less important to its financial statements, though of course the computers generate far better margins than the iPods. Quite probably the next quarter, from now until the end of December, will see iPod revenues finally turn the computer side into the rump of the business.

And of course you're wondering if the analysts managed to squeeze any more information about what's coming tomorrow. Mostly, not, apart from one or two little gems.

First, Oppenheimer gave his "guidance" on how the next (fiscally, the first) quarter will do. He's forecasting $4.7bn revenues. Why so much higher, asked the 'lysts? Because there are "forthcoming products" in the iPod line. Well, that sounds like new iPods for sure. Video? Oh, don't ask."

So, looks like Apple are doing better than ever. Despite the fact everyone knows Intel Macs are coming, it seems Apple are still managing to sell PowerPC models - although there are suggestions that the Mini isn't doing as well as was expected.

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