Apples are on the loose in San Francisco!

Written by Wil Harris

August 25, 2005 | 17:39

Tags: #idf

Companies: #apple #intel

We're all now well aware of Apple's shift to using Intel chips in its new range of machines, due out next year.

Previously, mentioning or using Apple at an Intel Developer Forum event was tantamount to treason, but now Intel is a partner, it seems like the two old rivals are more snuggly than ever.

The consequence? Apples are running rampant all over IDF, sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes with blatant abandon.

Indeed, there was even a session on how to programme for Intel Apples on the first day of the show.

It all seems a long way from the time that your humble reporter was blasted by then-CEO of Intel, Craig Barrett, for daring to turn up to a keynote sporting a Powerbook, back in the heady days of 2002.

Join us, then, for a whirlwind tour around the orchard at IDF, and leave your thoughts in the forums...

Official Intel mentions

First up - none other than Intel's new CEO, Paul Otellini. Paul is adamant that the industry has access to over 2 billion screens now - he seems happy with the fact that at least some of those screens will be Apple laptops.

Don MacDonald is the head of the digital home group that's produced the VIIV platform. What's changed in the digital media world? Intel's acknowledgement of the iPod, it seems...

The Press Corps

There was a time when few would dare show their Apple's around the place. Whilst these machines don't yet sport Intel chips, Mac use has never been so outrageously blatant! We have, however, obscured the identity of the users to prevent any possible repercussions from WinTel assassins...


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