Apple MacBook battery catches fire

Written by Tim Smalley

March 12, 2007 | 16:13

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A MacBook owner has revealed the horror he felt when he woke up to find his beloved laptop on fire in his living room.

After Dell's exploding laptop battery saga last year, we would have hoped that this would be the end of potentially dangerous laptop batteries. With this development, more users are going to worry about the safety of the devices they own.

Luckily for this MacBook owner, his house and family were fine, but that doesn't make the situation any better. If anything, he's incredibly lucky that things didn't turn out any worse.

He claimed that his battery life has been very poor over the last few weeks and his MacBook hasn't been charging up properly either.

Could this be a fault with his particular MacBook, or is it another battery problem that could potentially become widespread? Whatever the case, it's a worry that budding consumers don't really want to contend with.

The owner's girlfriend, who witnessed the battery catching fire said that it was as if the battery was hissing like a steam valve before smoke started pouring out. A few seconds later, it's claimed that a flash fire started similar to the one on the infamous Dell inferno video. There's more details here, including pictures.

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